Do you have a story you want to tell? Let us help you.


At Adirondack Press we feel that every person’s story is valid and important and worthy of being recorded so it can be shared. 

Whatever story you have in mind - of your family, your group,  your business, your town or your own journey in life - we are here to help you move that story from your thoughts and memories to a printed or recorded form, preserved for your own use or for publication and sale.

Our editors use a “hand-holding” approach, caring for your story as you do.  We listen carefully, and do our best to hold your vision and your “voice” as we move from concepts to finished product, in electronic format and in print.

Adirondack Press specializes in preparing manuscripts and books for print and publication. We edit content and format material to take your project from manuscript status to ready-for-print. 

We work with individuals and groups, personal stories to historical perspectives and collections.  We accept both non-fiction and fiction projects.

Please check out the books we have helped come into the world.

Mission Statement: Adirondack Press is a vehicle to help people tell their stories in their own way, preserving their “voice” and experiences.

Value Statement: We conduct our business with integrity.  We support our clients to create the product they desire for personal use or for publication in chosen formats. We maintain excellence in the creation process, from inception to manifestation.


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